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“View of the Theresienwiese in Munich”, c. 1910
54,2 x 46,2 cm
Oil on canvas
Beyond the horizon, Fine Art, Up to 5,000 €

Galerie Paffrath

3,800 €
It is autumn and one of the most beautiful and exciting seasons in Munich. Not only is the fair in progress, but the Oktoberfest begins too. The view of a city apartment on Munich’s Theresienwiese is filled with anticipation and excitement. Past the splendid city palace and along the tree-lined street, we look straight to the meadows on which a monumental construction was built: the “Figure 8 Railway”, or as they were still called around 1910, “Car Airway” or “ Loop track “. In 1908 the showman Carl Gabriel presented a roller coaster to visitors for the first time on the occasion of the agricultural exhibition, which took place parallel to the Oktoberfest. This sensation was invented ten years earlier in America and now made its German debut on the Theresienwiesen. Since Gabriel was still a rigid construction that could neither be assembled nor dismantled quickly, Max Stehbeck developed a transportable model in the same year. The construction shown here is likely to be a similar model around 1910.

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