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1853 Copenhagen – 1927 Copenhagen
“At the beach”
25 x 35 cm
Oil on wood
Endless Summer, Fine Art, Up to 5,000 €

Galerie Paffrath

Sold 2021 (3,800 €)
Laurits Tuxen is one of the most important Danish painters of the 19th and early 20th centuries. He worked for the royal houses of Denmark, England and Russia. After an initial training with the famous painter Vilhelm Kyhn, Laurits Tuxen was accepted into the Copenhagen Art Academy at the age of 14. Study trips take him to England, Brittany and Paris. From 1879-80 he stayed in Rome and Florence. He travels through Egypt and Palestine on behalf of the English and Russian courts. In 1882 he became head of an art school in Copenhagen, and in 1909 professor at the local academy. Since 1901 he has been spending the summer months in Skagen, where his most famous coastal landscapes are created.
The small painting “At the beach” is one of those special works in Laurits Tuxen’s oeuvre. The painter, who was heavily influenced by Impressionism, uses only light blue and nuances of white to create the expanse of the sea and the sky above it in an elongated panorama format. The figure at the bottom right on the beach, whose head glows red, forms a barely perceptible contrast. Two sailing ships can be seen in the distance. The restless brushwork creates the lively atmosphere that reflects the freshness of the sea.

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