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1849 Groß Niendorf ‐ 1938 Hagen
“Church in Gandria”, 1932
78,9 x 56,5 cm
Tempera on wove paper
Beyond the horizon, Fine Art

Galerie Paffrath

The “Church in Gandria” presents itself as typical Ticino architecture. The strong blue of the sky does not remain locally bound, but also permeates the church and the buildings, which are characterized by brown and black colour components. The special thing about the picture is that the view is created by omitting the colors and the painting background represents the body colour of the building. From 1927 Christian Rohlfs traveled regularly for several months to Ascona on Lake Maggiore, near Gandria. On one of these trips he must have been very impressed by the church, so that he chose it as the subject of his art. The highlights of Rohlf’s work include his watercolours and the late water tempera sheets. Along with the watercolours by Emil Nolde, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and August Macke, they are among the most important examples of German art of the first half of the 20th century. While the aforementioned artists often place their motifs wet-on-wet directly on the paper, Rohlfs has developed a special technique with which he superimposes the colors in an almost glazed manner.

Weitere Werke des Künstlers