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Achenbach, Oswald

1827 Dusseldorf ‐ 1905 Dusseldorf
“Northern Italian Landscape”, 1849
26 x 37 cm
Oil on canvas
Bon Voyage, Fine Art

Galerie Paffrath

19,500 €
The “Northern Italian Landscape” is one of Oswald Achenbach’s early works, in which the drawing element still prevails. We are together with a family under a pergola overgrown with grapes, sheltering from the sun like a natural arbor. Behind the family in traditional Italian costume, who inspected a fishing net, the view is led into the landscape, which stands out brightly from the foreground. Overgrown rocks tower on the lake, which spreads to the horizon and the surrounding mountains. The bright blue sky with the towering clouds convey the warm air and support the calm atmosphere of the Italian countryside.