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1827 Dusseldorf ‐ 1905 Dusseldorf
“In the Alban hills”
89 x 134 cm
Oil on canvas
Fine Art

Galerie Paffrath

Sold 2023 (29,000 €)
“In the Alban hills” shows a country road that leads to a village in the mountains where various groups of people are traveling. A group of women in traditional clothing have settled under two large trees and are now on their way again. There is a small group of men opposite them. The path leads slightly uphill and gives a view of the first houses of the settlement and of the mountains. The summer mood is enhanced by the delightful light-dark contrasts and the fresh colours.

Frage zu dem Werk von Achenbach, Oswald: In the Alban hills

Question about the work by Achenbach, Oswald: In the Alban hills