Miotte, Jean: Abstrakte Komposition

Miotte, Jean

1926 Paris ‐ 2016 Pignans

Short information about the artist

Jean Miotte is seen as one of the fathers of the Informel.
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More information about the artist

Jean Miotte is seen as one of the fathers of the Informel.

The early years

Miotte was born in Paris in 1928. He grew up in occupied France during World War II. After 1945 he begins to study mathematics and engineering. At this time he was already painting regularly in his spare time and the first oil paintings were being made. His interest in art grew steadily and he soon found his teachers in the painters Othon Friesz and Ossip Zadkine. Other role models were Jacques Villon, George Rouault and Henry Matisse.


In 1948 Miotte went on a trip to Italy until he finally settled in Meudon in 1950. Here he meets Hans Arp and Gino Severini, under whose influence his first abstract pictures are created. He also seeks contact with Sam Francis, whom he visits in his studio in Ville’Avray.


Since 1953 Miotte has participated in the exhibitions at the Salon des “Réalités Nouvelles” in Paris. His first solo exhibition finally took place in 1957 at the Durand Gallery.

Artistic development

In the early phase of his abstractions, dark and black tones dominate. Movement plays an increasingly important role in his work, which is increasingly developed and brought to bear in his later works. Miotte creates his aesthetic compositions primarily with the basic colors as well as with black and white.


Jean Miotte, who died in 2016, is represented in many large museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum Ludwig in Cologne or the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.