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1854 Dresden ‐ 1929 Düsseldorf
„Late summer on the Lower Rhine“
34,5 x 54 cm
Oil on wood
155 years, Fine Art

Galerie Paffrath

Sold 2022 (39,000 €)
Fascinated by the picturesque splendor of small cottage gardens, Mühlig treated this topic in a few variations. The “Late summer on the Lower Rhine” is definitely a highlight in this small series. With fine brushstrokes, Mühlig sketches the splendor of the flowers in the garden, making the colours shine under the blue of a cloudless sky. The sunflowers in the middle could stand as a symbol for light, which he bundles again on the white-painted wall. The little girl in the middle of the picture has shouldered the rake to pause for a moment while the adults continue to work. Above all lies the impression of rural peace, even if the first harbingers of industrialization can already be seen on the distant horizon. .

Frage zu dem Werk von Mühlig, Hugo: Late summer on the Lower Rhine

Question about the work by Mühlig, Hugo: Late summer on the Lower Rhine