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1942 Vienna
“3 Lights”, 2020
60 x 80 cm
Oil on canvas

Galerie Paffrath

Sold (19,800 €)
The work “3 Lights” consists of a black surface, which is broken up in the upper third by a purple stripe. There are three white dots on the stripe, below which a long orange stripe, ending at the end, runs vertically downwards with a small paragraph. As abstract as the work appears, it quickly arouses the association of three lights that are reflected on a surface of water. The orange shimmer dissolves with increasing distance from the light source. Eduard Angeli is known for the loneliness in his pictures. Longing and loneliness also played a role in this picture, which has an almost hypnotic effect.

Frage zu dem Werk von Angeli, Eduard: 3 Lights, 2020


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Question about the work by Angeli, Eduard: 3 Lights, 2020

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